Who am I?





Michelle’s early career was spent as a paralegal and then as a C-Level Executive Assistant for entrepreneurs and start-ups. After working with attorneys and CEOs, she felt like she could handle anything. Dealing with two cancer battles changed that; everything she thought she knew went out the window!

In 2017 after her second round of cancer treatment, Michelle found Breast Friends and, in the process, found support and encouragement from women who understood exactly what it is like to hear the words “you have cancer.” During her five years at Breast Friends, she went from a volunteer to the Patient Programs Assistant and then the host of the Breast Friends Cancer Support Network podcast.

She is now thrilled to host her own podcast; We Rise By Lifting Each Other highlights people and organizations who are putting good out into the world.

Exploring the PNW (and anywhere Disney) with her husband Nate and son Jackson brings Michelle so much joy. Nate came with four kids and now all are grown; add in two bonkers dogs and their family is large and chaotic. She would not have it any other way. Whenever possible, you can find her reading one of the many books on her nightstand, falling asleep during good movies or binging podcasts.

You can find Michelle at: