Monday Blues

Another Monday. Even stay at home Mom’s get the Monday blues, though not near as bad, I am sure (thinking of Rachel Rhodes as I say this – miss you) I consider myself very lucky to be home with J. Both J and I miss Nate, as he was home the past 5 days taking care of us. Regular life resumes now. We did get out on Friday night to have dinner with Nate’s family, thanks Nancy and Ken. It was great to visit and be fed! Yesterday, we visited Emily, our friend and J’s current sitter, who is serving at CPK for lunch. J loves the avocado club egg rolls! It is just nice and necessary to get out of the house. I love my house, but some days lately, it makes me crazy to only see my house.

I am feeling much better, still a little sore and tender, but Advil and ice are helping. There is hardly any bruising and the same incision was used, which is good. I may put off vacuuming yet for another day or so. Good thing no one is coming to my house anytime soon. However, being sore won’t stop me from going to the Blazers game tonight in a suite. Thanks to Nate’s company for an extra ticket!

Next step is Friday, the post op with my surgeon and hopefully setting an appointment for next week with the medical oncologist for next steps. The waiting is soooo hard for someone who is such a control freak. This too shall pass, I keep telling myself.

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