Surgery Day – Post From Nate

  • Good spirits and all, Michelle just went back for surgery, the first procedure will be a couple of hours followed by the second which will be 3 hours or so. The estimate was tonight between 7 and 8 for her to come out of surgery. I will post updates here as I get them from the surgical staff.
  • Just got word from the first surgeon, everything is going well, the removal is done, and the reconstruction has started, probably 2.5 to 3 more hours. She said that the first part went very well.
  • I just talked to the plastic surgeon, She is out of surgery, and getting ready to roll into recovery. She will be there for about an hour and then into a room. The procedure went very well, minimal blood loss and the surgeon is very pleased with the procedure. Now we start the road to recovery, or at least until the next surgery. Thank you to all of the friends and family that have been here for me today, and for us as we walk this road together.
  • I am back home for the evening, I got to see Michelle before I left the hospital tonight. She is doing well with pain meds on board and a great staff at the hospital to help her throughout the evening. I will be up there tomorrow after I ensure the Boys both get to school in the morning.

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