The Final Countdown

4 more days until my FINAL SURGERY! But who’s counting? Me! I check in at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, July 19. They say this should be a much easier one than the first two, with a shorter recovery time. I just want it over and done with. I am not stressed about this, or maybe I am just worrying about other things. I have been busy planning my good friend’s bridal shower which is tomorrow, J is flying down to my mom’s on Tuesday BY HIMSELF (he is so excited about this!) and just life. So I am sure I am going to be a big mess on Tuesday night, as I usually am the night before surgery. Sorry Nate.
I am looking forward to some time post surgery resting and recuperating while J is in California. I might actually get to watch a TV show which I have been sorely missing since summer started and sleep. I want lots and lots of sleep. And once I am able, I am going to jump up and down with excitement to not have these hard temporary expanders in my chest. The Dr. says it will take a few weeks, but the permanent implants should be much softer and a more normal shape. I may one day be able to lie on my stomach again. It’s the simple things.

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