Why am I writing?

I want to share my journey, mainly what going through the breast cancer process twice was like for me, but also my life as a wife, a mother and as a person trying to figure out the rest of her life.  I want to laugh and cry and share with all of you.

All of the previous posts on this blog were on a private Facebook group.   I have decided to “go public” with my journey and hopefully inspire others.  There is hope and support out there.  Every person’s battle with cancer is different, but I think we are all scared and sad and even at times lonely, no matter how many people surround us.  It’s normal to cry.  All the time.  I feel lost still most days and wonder “why me?”  Everyone says that I am strong.  I feel like a mess who is barely holding it together.  But I get up every day and move forward.  Some days, I also take  steps back.  The goal is to just keep stepping.

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