I am over this. Off the pain meds, but they have messed up my stomach which is no fun. I am still sleeping a ton, not sure If I need it or just because I can.   The bruises are now super pretty shades of purple, blue and yellow. My underarm area is swollen with some fluid but I spoke with my nurse yesterday and she said that is very normal since I don’t have a drain (so thankful about that) and if necessary they can deal with it during my Tuesday appointment. As long as it does not hurt, does not seem infected or is the size of a LEMON, it is fine. Truly, a lemon!

I have caught up on ‘Parenthood’ and thankfully her cancer is gone too. I can’t wait to be declared cancer free and go to Hawaii. That’s what they did.

I know I am supposed to be healing, but I just feel lazy. I can do most things for myself, my left arm is almost back to full movement, but I have not picked up J on that side yet. I also have not changed a diaper in 5 days which is very strange.

One day at a time.

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