Back to Reality

I just had to change the first dirty diaper in a week. Boy do I miss Nate who is back at work and my Mom and Grandma who are on a plane home. Seriously, I could not have made it though the past week without all of them! My OCD does not make for a good patient and having others do things for me because no one does it the way that I would do it. I am truly a pain in the ass. I cannot thank them them all enough.

I am doing well. The biggest thing now is just being tired. All the damn time. Yesterday I managed without a nap, and today I might have to since J slept in the car to and from the airport, but at least I am sleeping through the night better. I can now sleep on the surgery side too so I can do my normal flip flop routine.

The bruising is now phenomenal and I would take a picture, but no one really wants to see that.

Physically, I feel better every day. Granted, I am not going to be doing any heavy vacuuming anytime soon (weird movements of my left arm do cause an odd twinge in the back of my armpit which must be from the lymph node biopsy, but it immediately goes away) and I am not going to be back to good burpees in exercise class soon. Hell, I have never done a good burpee in my life, but at least I try now.

Now I have plenty of time to relax (ha ha), but at least J likes to catch up on American Idol with me. We agree, Nicki Minaj is a piece of work and annoying.

Love to you all. I will update tomorrow after my post-op appointment with the surgeon.

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