No news is . . . no news

So, I had my surgery post op and . . . no pathology results. BOO. They are usually back within a week and the Dr. called them this morning, but nothing yet. I am going with the no news is good news theory at this point. As opposed to the various bad news options (cancer left in the margins = more surgery or positive lymph nodes = chemo and who knows what else).
My surgeon will call as soon as the results are in.

I do have another appointment scheduled with the medical oncologist for next Wednesday morning. He is the one to help determine the next course of action once the results are in (radiation, hormone therapy, etc.). There will also be a radiation oncologist mixed up in here somehow as well. On one hand, it is a bit of a pain to see so many different doctors, but really, they are all specialists at what they do, so that is good that I am getting the best care possible.

Essentially at today’s visit, Nate and I learned that yes, the bruising looks great and that I am healing well. The random twinges of pain are from the pulling of the various muscles groups; through one very small incision, the surgeon went one way to get lymph nodes and the other way to get the cancer, so the body is just healing as it knits itself back together. I am still supposed to be gentle to the area, but definitely work on stretching it to full motion. I am still going to boycott the burpees for a while and maybe bathroom cleaning too. I am sure that is forbidden.

The best news that I received today was that I no longer have to wear the blasted sports bra 24/7. Honestly, at this point, that is THRILLING!

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