More Tests

I had my follow-up MRI this morning. I am very thankful for Valium. It is a beautiful thing and helps me get through it. Being slid into the tiny tube and told not to move for 30 minutes while this awful clanging is going on is just awful. Bless my son as he sat calmly and watched a movie when we got home while I rested and I was able to nap while he did later until the fog was out of my head.

Now it it back to the waiting game for the results from my surgeon. I don’t expect to hear anything until next week. Thankfully it is a kid weekend and we have lots of plans so I won’t have time to sit and worry.

Physically, I am much better. My underarm is still tender and occasionally I move my arm wrong or too far and it hurts or J smacks me in the chest and it brings tears to my eyes, but as long as I protect myself with a pillow while I am playing with him, I will be fine. Every day gets better. I was even able to vacuum and clean the bathrooms yesterday. Sigh.

Emotionally, most of the time i am good, but I am having a rough time some days. The lack of control is really getting to me. I just want to get back to my old schedule, to not be tired and to be able to exercise again. Having J to take care of keeps me going does not give me much time for pity parties. I just want this over or at least moved on to whatever the next steps are.

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