Confusing Results

So, we got some good news. I was not expecting to hear anything until next week, but my surgeon called at 5 pm yesterday and said that there is no cancer showing in my MRI. WWWWEEEEEEEE.

Apparently though, I am still a bit of a mystery. The clip/marker which normally tags the original biopsy site is not visible on the MRI. It was not in the mass removed during surgery, so it may have been suctioned out during surgery, stuck to a piece of gauze or a surgical instrument, etc. as they are tiny. Oy. My surgeon really wants to double check to make sure the clip is gone as it may have tiny cancer cells stuck to it, so I am going in for a mammogram the week of February 18 to look for the clip another way. Another test and more waiting, but not seeing any cancer on the MRI is huge!!

Overall, I am feeling good. Except, I would not recommend going bowling 2 1/2 weeks post op. I scored a 122 in game one, then became sore and tired and my score in game 2 was a pathetic 68. Time for some advil I guess.

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