Radiation. It sounds a lot worse than it is.

Another day, another new oncologist. Today, Nate and I met with the radiation oncologist. Lots of information, diagrams drawn, forms signed and a very long appointment later, I have a “Planning Session” set for Monday, 3/25. At that time, I will have a CT scan to locate my surgery area, create the settings on the machine and give me some little skin markers (aka tattoos) which will tell them where to align the lasers.

The start date for the radiation will be set at that time (early April) and then I will continue for approximately 6 weeks, Monday thru Friday. The radiation itself is painless, but possible side affects are redness and swelling in the skin, but I have some recommendations for special lotion that helps and toward the end of the time, fatigue is pretty common.

Today while we were there, a bell rang and everyone out in the office area clapped. The Dr. explained that patients ring it when their radiation treatments are finished. I am looking forward to that already.

I think we are going to take all of next week off from cancer.

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