My new normal

i guess it is a good thing when your cancer treatments are so inconsequential that you just take them as a normal part of your day. Yesterday, I went in for my radiation planning session. It sounds so formal, but honestly, the worst part of it was leaving the house before 7 am to deal with traffic and forgetting it was spring break so there was no traffic and I arrived 30 minutes early.

I had a CT scan to pinpoint the surgery area so they can line up the lasers to target my breast and stay away from the other important organs in the area (heart and lungs). It was my first CT scan ever and I will take that any day over the awful clanging MRI. They placed stickers all over my chest and slid me into the machine, I kept my eyes closed the whole time and tried to ignore the fact that I was in a little tiny tube without any valium. After that, they gave me 5 or 6 skin markers which look like dark freckles and are also used to line up the lasers. I asked the guy if he could make them into hearts, pink ribbons or something cute, but no go since it was just a regular needle and not a tattoo needle. Maybe I will do that later.

I start radiation next Monday at noon. Yes, on April Fool’s day. I am not sure exactly what that symbolizes, but I am sure it is something and I will think of it later. My treatments will probably last 6 1/2 weeks. For smaller breasted women, there are studies which show that 4 weeks can suffice, but apparently since I am so “generous,” he will go with the longer time frame. Yes, I would like to get it over with sooner, but I will go with my doctor’s recommendation. I am not too concerned about the radiation itself, but it affects everyone differently so it remains to be seen how my body reacts. Sunburn in the area and fatigue towards the end are common. I am guessing the hardest part is going to be handling J and childcare daily for that time period. Thankfully I have friends and family who are willing to help and who
I will be calling next Monday night when I get my set time and setting up a schedule. And it is good that Nate works 3 miles from home so can be home as needed to help. J also loves to run up and down the hallway at his office; I am sure Nate’s co-workers would love him to visit.

I am also very glad that we are going down to Sacramento this weekend for Mom’s birthday and Easter. It will be a nice break and fun to visit with the family. I am sad that it will be the last time that I an travel for the next 2 months (assuming the aforementioned fatigue sets in, it takes a few weeks after treatments stop to go away), but I am hoping to get down to Simi in June for a week or so. I miss my family and friends!

Love to you all and Happy Easter!

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