Ground Hog Day

13 treatments done (at least I think it is 13, it is easy to lose count since my life is now a bit like ground hog day) and I am just damn tired. It hit like a ton of bricks on Tuesday and I have not been coherent ever since. Of course, this could have nothing to do with the radiation and everything to do with the fact that Jackson got sick and now I am sick and Nate is holding on by a thin thread to a bit of health.

I asked my nurse yesterday if the radiation fatigue could be setting in so quickly or if it was my cold and she said it could be a little of both. So I am trying to nap when I can and have been in bed early this week and am heading there in about 10 minutes (9:30 pm) which is pretty early for me.

But really, it is like ground hog day now. J and I get up, we eat breakfast, get dressed and either someone is here to watch J or he gets dropped off for playtime with the grandparents or friends. He is still not so sure about this, and his cold is not helping his mood so I am hoping the colds all go away soon. Seriously, there are kleenex boxes and boogie wipes all over my house (if you do not have kids – boogie wipes are an actual thing, grape scented, saline tissues and are some of the best things ever invented).

I digress. Other than the tired factor, I am red, tender and just over this whole radiation thing. I lotion up 2 or 3 times a day, scrub off the sharpie after the visits and do it all over again the next day. Day after day after day. The books on tape are saving my sanity and making the drive into downtown (only 25 minutes without traffic) somewhat bearable.

After tomorrow’s visit, I will be done with 3 weeks, only 4 weeks to go. I believe my end date is May 17. Almost halfway!!! Well, not quite, but it sounds good.

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