The Big Reveal

Been home for two days now and I am definitely moving better. Still very slow and trying to not move my arms or chest much as the pain meds just don’t kick it all. If I stay in one place, I’m ok. Moving is the problem. Nate has been taking great care of me as I move from the bed to the couch, keeping track of my meds and emptying the drains. My sister is now here and will also help with J and Apollo. I did shower today and had a meltdown when I took a good look at my incisions and cried throughout the shower while Nate did his best to clean off the orange betadyne and sharpie where the surgeons made their marks. Then I slept for 3 hours just to calm down. I am trying to be a good patient, but Nate is unhappy with me when I carry my iPad or water anywhere. This is no fun.

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