Yay – no more drains. Boo – expanders.

No more drains!!!! The plastic surgeon removed the last 3 drains today and I cannot explain how amazing it feels to not have tubes and plastic bubble things hanging out of my body. I can actually fully put my arms down at my sides. I don’t have to worry about accidentally catching a tube on something and causing immense pain as it pulls on the stitches. There is nothing to be measured, emptied and cleaned twice a day. Anyway, YAY!!!
Everything is healing well, and I will go in next week to start adding saline to each expander. I truly thought this was a few weeks out after more healing, but I guess the sooner we start, the sooner it is over. I am nervous about this part as I have heard it can be painful (it stretches out your muscles and skin from the inside), but at this point, not much can compare to the post surgery pain. And the unknown is also scary. How much feeling do I have left and needles. Weekly needles?!?! One day at a time, but today has been a much better day.

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