Getting rid of more lady parts

Today, I met with the gynecological oncologist as I need to have my ovaries removed so there is no more estrogen production in my body. I went in knowing that I was going to ask to have everything removed: ovaries, Fallopian tubes, uterus and cervix. I want nothing left that can have a risk of cancer that I no longer need in my body. She was in agreement, but said she needed a justification for insurance purposes and I mentioned that I have fibroids so that should work.
I have an appointment next Thursday afternoon for an ultrasound and then will meet with the Dr. again next Friday morning, 14th (before Jackson’s birthday party of course) and go over the results with her. I am waiting to hear back on the actual surgery day, but it will be either April 17 or sometime the week of April 24. She said that there should be no problem doing it via 5 small incisions using robotic arms and cameras instead of a full large incision. There is always a chance that if she goes in and finds something, that could change, but for now, it should be laparoscopic with an easier recovery.
I sure hope so, as the recovery from the mastectomy has not been super fun. The expanders are just rock hard and often super tight and just hurt. I go back in tomorrow for another fill, and will continue to do so weekly, but will get some time off after the above surgery to recover.
Will update when I get the actual surgery date.

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