No big deal, just planning for another surgery

So, I have confirmation that my next surgery, the full hysterectomy, will be on Monday, April 17th with a 9 m check-in, and I should be home that night. It will be done laparoscopically with 5 small incisions and robot arms and cameras. This should be a much easier recovery and I will get probably 2 weeks off from the boob fills which will be nice. I am either in constant discomfort or pain in my chest and back and cant wait for this to be over. It is still challenging for me to lift things, especially with my left arm. J keeps asking me when I am going to be done being sick, and it breaks my heart.

Thankfully my Mom and Grandma are in town the weekend prior for J’s birthday and Easter so they will stay the week with us and help take care of Jackson and I. I have set up another meal train to help us out for 2 weeks. Any help is very appreciated. Thank you all so very much for your support!

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