Just prepping for another surgery

Tomorrow morning, we check into the hospital at 9 am. My surgery, laparoscopic removal of my uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes and cervix is scheduled for approximately 11 am. I have little faith in the surgery happening on time. Both appointments with my Dr so far have been super late, but she is highly recommended and very well respected as a surgeon so I can deal with a little tardiness. Assuming no complications, the surgery will take a couple hours, and I should be home tomorrow evening.
My mom and grandma have been here this weekend for Jackson’s birthday, his baseball game and Easter and they are staying until Friday to help out with J and I. Nate has to travel Tuesday-Thursday, but I expect I will be doing a lot of sleeping and not much else so they can just keep J and Hunter in line, fed and make sure they get to school, all is well.
I am not nervous about this surgery; I know I have been through the worst of this whole journey already. As odd as it sounds, it has been such a busy few days that I am looking forward to rest post surgery.
My expanders are rock hard and I often have muscle spasms which are painful. My back hurts when I don’t have good posture, which if often as I am overcompensating for the discomfort in front. I do have two weeks off from my plastic surgeon for fills while I recover which will be nice. Hopefully a few more fills in May and then 2 more months of healing and I get my permanent implants which should be much softer and more comfortable. I can’t wait.
Hope everyone has a good Easter! Thank you for all of the support and love.

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