No big deal, just another post op.

I had my post op today for the hysterectomy. Everything is healing well and my pathology came back normal/clear of any signs of cancer. Yay! The funny thing is that the thought of it had really not crossed my mind. When the nurse said “the Dr. will be in soon to go over your pathology results” it took my by surprise. I was just so focused on getting my ovaries and everything else out, that I was not thinking that any of those parts could also have cancer. Thankfully, not an issue. I am still on light/restricted lifting, etc. and I move slow and am on the couch a lot, but I am healing. I go back to see this Dr. in 6 weeks for a final checkup.
Next week I go in for a bone scan. The new medicine that I will be taking (aromatase inhibitors) can cause problems with bone density so they will need to measure it, and I have had to up my calcium and vitamin D intake. I also go back to my plastic surgeon next week to resume the fill process. I am guessing I will have 2 or 3 more of those, then 8 weeks for healing before the expanders are replaced with the silicone implants. My boobs always hurt, either a little or a lot. I think I keep repeating this part on my posts because I am so looking forward to that happening!
The next week I go see my oncologist who will manage the meds and my overall care going forward. The amount of doctor’s appointments I have is ridiculous.
A funny thing happened. I stopped at Target yesterday to do some shopping and while checking out, I recognized a woman. I knew that I knew her, possibly someone I had met at one of my various appointments, but could not place her. I smiled, she smiled and we moved on. Today, my when MY SURGEON WHO REMOVED ALL OF MY LADY PARTS walked in, I realized it was her. We discussed it, that I did not recognize her and laughed about it. I am pretty sure Nate thinks I am losing my mind. He may be right.

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