Bring on the drugs.

I met with my oncologist today who oversees my general care. He thinks I am doing very well and healing great from both surgeries. The next step in this process is to start taking a new medication on a daily basis, aromatase inhibitors. The one I will be taking for 5 years, or more than likely 10, is Arimidex. Possible side effects are hot flashes, muscle/joint pain, stomach issues and nausea. However, it is more effective in preventing cancer than the tamoxifen was, so, fingers crossed that I tolerate it well. My energy level is pretty low and I try to stay off my feet and rest whenever possible.
I am still in the process of having the fills in my expanders, having had one last week and probably 2 more. I am very anxious to have this process over with and to be done with the constant pain and discomfort. Overall, it could be much worse and I am very thankful that the worst is behind me.

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