Just so over it

Just had the post surgery visit with my Dr., well, actually the PA. She removed my wrap around bandages and said everything looks fantastic. They don’t look fantastic to me, but I know it will get better once the bruising goes away and the incisions heal. I go back in next week for a check, then again in August. Now it is back home to the couch for rest and sleep.
F’ You cancer. I am done with you.

One thought on “Just so over it”

  1. Awesome, Michelle.

    We have so much respect for you and Nate and the family. We know how hard your journey is. Many cannot do what you are doing and process and talk about it with the world. But what you are doing is great. It is good for you to get it off your chest (so to speak- sorry) and it is great that you are willing to share and undoubtedly help other women navigate this seemingly dark and lonely road, despite the fact it is a well-known traveled road.

    One suggestion- consider editing your “about me” section to include “inspiration.”

    Much love to you.

    – the Ledesmas

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