Moving Forward, Slowly

The last few days have started to run together. I have gone from the bed to the couch and back to bed, numerous times a day. I have watched movies, listened to podcasts (I am currently fascinated with “Lore”) and done a whole lot of nothing. Today, I got up at 10:30 am, had coffee and then thought I had some energy so did some little things around the house and then took a nap at 1 pm. I am pretty bruised up, but I am healing. Still in a good amount of pain where my Dr. did the fat grafting (note to anyone – liposuction recovery hurts more than implant exchange!) I know it takes time for the pain to go away, but I am over it. Yes, I like not having to carry laundry baskets or take out the trash, but I hate that my arms ache when I blow dry my hair. And I still have the muscle and joint pain from my daily medication to deal with. It is so random, my right thigh will hurt or my left arm and my knee joints always ache. If I kneel down, I have a hard time getting back up.
Jackson comes home tonight from California, we really missed him, but it was good for him to have a vacation away and also time for me to rest. He starts golf camp tomorrow morning which will keep him busy during the mornings this week. I have another check-in with my Dr. on Wednesday, then another in 2 weeks. The next step in the process will be the nipple and cosmetic tattooing, but that is a few months out until I am really healed. And yes, my new implants are so much softer, I no longer feel that I have grapefruits on my chest. It is a huge difference. They still look weird, currently with the red incision lines and bruising, but it will get better.
Thank you so much to Stephanie Hartman, Lindsay Palmer and Cherina Burch for dinners this past week, and Juliet Hugeback, Suzan Pickett and Danielle Weathers to come this week. It makes our life so much easier when we can focus on my healing and not worrying about what’s for dinner.

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