Cancer Free – Again – Post from Nate

So today is 8 days post surgery, or is it 7 days, since most of last Monday was spent in surgery? We got some good news today, we heard from the surgical oncologist today. The news was that the pathology came back and we are in the clear. They got all the cancer during the mastectomy process. The cancer itself was 5mm in size, they also found some non-invasive cancer that was 1.5cm in size. The surgical oncologist is going to talk to the medical oncologist to see if they want to perform an “oncotype DX test” (see link below).

We got that call while we were in the parking lot of the plastic surgeon. Today was the first “post op” for the patient. The good news there is that the skin is healing nicely (the scars) as well as the latisimus flap is pinking up well (that means that it is not being rejected by the neighboring skin). They also took out 3 of the 6 drains today, 1 from each of the locations. We setup another appt next week for Wednesday for the follow on. That means that the final drains should come out at that time.

On the home front we are doing well, I think I sufficiently have scolded my wife enough that she doesn’t try to do things for herself right now. She asks for help, which we are more than willing to give her. Also the Dr confirmed that rest is exactly what Michelle needs at this point in time to help her body heal and recuperate.

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