Keeping my hair

Good news from my oncologist today – NO CHEMO!! Based upon the results of the Oncotype test which examines the DNA of my specific cancer, it figures in all of these other things that we looked at on charts, evaluated percentages, etc., my oncologist did not think that the risks of chemo were enough to bring down my percentage of future cancer in other body areas. We agreed and moved on. WOOHOO!
Next step, my body is still producing estrogen, and it has to stop ASAP. So he moved up my appointment with the gyno oncologist from Apr 28 to Apr 5. He wants my ovaries out now. So basically as soon as can be scheduled after that (late April, early May), I will be having my ovaries and uterus removed and anything else down there which may want to give me cancer in the future. I was hoping for a little more healing time, but at least I should be feeling more human by summer. Oh, and don’t forget, I will still be going through my breast fills during all of this. Good times. However, this last surgery/recovery has been a bitch and that is being kind, but I know that the next one will be easier.
THEN, the fun continues with a different kind of daily meds for 5 or maybe 10 years called aromatase inhibitors. It is supposed to work better than Tamoxifen so that is good news. But I will truly be in menopause with all of the fun that goes with it. Sorry Nate.
Getting all of this information is exhausting, but good news overall.
My hope is that there is no statute of limitations on wearing yoga pants and comfy tops everywhere I go. They may be the only outfit I wear all year other than my bridesmaid’s dress for Emily’s wedding in September.

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