Taking a step forward

It’s been a while since I updated as I have not had too much to report. No one really wants to hear about my continuous aches and pains. i did switch medications almost 4 weeks ago, moving from one aromatase inhibitor to another (anastrozole to letrozole) in hopes that the side effects would improve. Eh, not so much. Yet. I still am hopeful, as it can take a while for one medication to get out of your system. So I am currently still experiencing joint/muscle pain and stiffness, insomnia and random stomach issues. I had thought that the insomnia was getting better and mentioned that to Nate and then promptly tossed and turned for the next 2 nights.

Today was the Race for the Cure in Portland. I know many people who participated, from friends to members of my Young Survivor’s Group, but not me. I just do not have the energy, nor stamina to be on my feet for that long. I said this morning that I felt like a ‘bad cancer survivor.” Nate’s response was “No, you are doing a great job at not dying.” That made me laugh and he’s right. As much as I want my body to do the things it used to more easily or to have stronger muscles in my arms or to just not have random pain in my bones, I am alive. Last weekend we went to Redmond, WA for a charity 5K for Nate’s company, Denali AI. Nate, Lily and her friend Emily did the 5K. I (kinda) did the 1K with Jackson and slept for almost 12 hours that night and my body ached the entire next day. I keep talking about going and trying out the hydro conditioning class at the gym, but have not made it yet. It is hard to remember that I am only 7 months out from a very major surgery and just 2 months from my last surgery. I want to feel better NOW! Patience is not my best quality. Hell, being in menopause, I am not sure I currently have any best qualities. My temper is short, the hot flashes are frequent and I just am blah. The BEST news for today is that rain is here, and I am in jeans, a long sleeve shirt and socks. Bring on the fall and cooler temps!!
I was finally able to schedule my tattooing of the 3-D nipples and whatever else I do to cover up the scars. I am bummed because the artist will not even see me until January for my consult and then my sessions will be in February, April and June. Apparently, I have to be 6 months healed before any tattooing can happen and 2 months between sessions. I was really hoping to be done by the end of this year, but I guess it is what it is. Not like my new fake boobs are going anywhere. And the artist I am using, who is one of the best in the country for this is, is not covered by my insurance plan. I can submit it, but it will be toward my out of network deductible which I will never meet. At least the 3-D part is about $450, so not super expensive, but it sure would have been nice to have that covered.

BUT, I finally made the plunge back into the working world and got a job so my super big paycheck will cover all of these expenses and more! Just kidding. I actually got 1/4 of a job. I am going to be working school days from 10:45am – 12:45 pm at J’s school as an Instructional Assistant (aka overseeing the kids in the cafeteria during the lunch periods) for about $14 per hour. I’m going to be RICH! hahahaha. Apparently being out of the work force for over 6 years has given me a 6 figure pay cut. I had been talking about getting a part time job last year, but then my diagnosis blew that out of the water. I was at the school earlier this week volunteering and was talking to the volunteer coordinator and then the principal about the position. The principal, who I adore, said that she would hire me on the spot. I discussed it with Nate and emailed my interest the next day. I filled out my paperwork this morning for the Tigard-Tualatin School District and am getting fingerprinted tomorrow. I am hoping that I will move on to office jobs in the school system and eventually retire from TTSD. I have no desire to go back and have a career as an executive assistant and this way I can work while J is in school and be free when he is out. A really important thing about this position is that it is only 2 hours a day, leaving me time before and after so I can rest, go to my doctor’s appointments and run errands.
I think that is all of my updates. Hopefully by next time, I will be having fewer side effects, be having less pain and one step closer to moving on. Thank you all for your continued support and love.

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